Happy Mothers Day, Momma!

Sorry Marco, I guess it's just me and Momma in this picture....That's right, you weren't born yet 😅 ! Art cred: Kelly Tisdale

Sorry Marco, I guess it’s just me and Momma in this picture….That’s right, you weren’t born yet 😅 !
Art cred: Kelly Tisdale

I know. We should have posted this like 2 Sundays ago, on the 9th, to be precise 😑 ….But here is the poem Marco (ever-helpful by supplying rhyming words) and I penned for our Momma on Mothers Day!!! She is the bomb diggity BTW 👩😼💣 . Of course it’s quite a bit cheesy, but it brought tears to her eyes while suitably expressing how we feel about she who gave us life! 👶❇️✨ (If you’re reading this) Love you, Momma.

Dear Momma,
I found myself the other day
sitting on the dock of San Diego’s Bay
And all I could think was…
‘What if I could compensate you, Mother?’

You, unlike any other!
With your immense love you smother
me, my dad, and my little brother.

You, my belove!
With the grace and purity of a splendid dove
and the form-fitting, bangin’ beauty of a nice leather glove.
You cook.
You clean.
You look amazing in pants that are jean.

You, always hard at work!
Punching the clock better than a bank clerk
and never with a jerk or a smirk.

You, my Momma!
Handler of drama, know er of where to place commas,
always caring,
always daring,
never erring or despairing,
eager for time sharing,
Like Chanel and caramel you smell,
and at home with us you do always dwell.

You, so full of faith!
Born on August 28th.
The days of the week are seven,
On everyone, you, to me, resemble Heaven.

So, as I say,
I found myself the other day
sitting on the dock of San Diego’s Bay
‘What if I could compensate you, Mother?’

Could I pay you back adequately
to a tee
with ten hundred billion dollar bills?
Or a brand new mansion in Beverly Hills?
Or could I pay you back with multiple glitzy frills?
Out-of-this-world thrills?

A pearl out of a pretty fish’s gills?

in your pocket?

Another pair of sturdy shoes?
(Then I began to hear boos
and caught the blues!)

What about with the moon?
Surely, that’d be a boon!

Splendid flowers? Superpowers?

Or could I pay you back with a-a-a-a day at the spa?
Oh naw.

This train of thought became like playing dice…
For my heart ski-i-ped a beat as I realized your great feat…
of giving constant love,
like that from above.

I realized that nothing material can compensate you adequately. No, none of it will suffice
no matter how nice.
On all that you are and all that you’ve done, nobody can put a price.
In comparison to your care and advice, compensation will melt like ice.

I finally decided that on this, your special day,
I’d just have to simply say, ‘Thank you
and I love you
from the wellspring of my heart.
Momma, Happy Mother’s Day!
Know this:
You’ll always be my b.a.e.’ ❤ !

– Lilly & Marco 💞💞💞


About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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