chapter twentyone: sitting miracles


Mr. Warwick took notice of the glint in Mr. Hill’s eye and instantly knew he was willing to attempt something crazy if it meant retrieving Pastor Manchu. “Even if you left here, God can still work a miracle for the pastor. I don’t normally propose such a thing, but…” Mr. Warwick ended feebly.

“We’re sure of that,” Lilly agreed. “But sometimes He works miracles through agents. People like us and people like you and people like all these people eating,” she made a sweeping motion around the oval room before continuing, “and serving around us. We’re all just sitting miracles for somebody else, and I’m pretty sure now is one of those sometimes!”

“I can’t argue with that, young lady,” Mr. Warwick replied as his blonde hair flopped in sync with his exasperation.

“You’re right, Lilly,” Mr. Hill said before drowning his cream cheese wontons in a tangy sauce designed for his main course. “We both know you can handle yourself. However, if things get more dangerous, I’m bound to take you back home, at least for Gemma’s sake. Understood?”

Lilly shook her head. Her mouth was full. “I’m staying by your side, Dad, no matter how danger-ful this becomes, and that’s final,” she managed to get out discernibly.

The three of them laughed.

“Danger-ful? Very cute!” Mr. Warwick exclaimed. “See, she’s also acquired your stubborn streak.”

“No. No. She received that from Gemma’s DNA,” Mr. Hill joked speaking of Mrs. Hill.

“Blaming the defenseless wifey, aren’t you, Dad?” Lilly replied, jabbing him with her elbow.

“Don’t tell her I said anything.”

“That’s O.K., young lady. Give this ruffian a dose of his own medicine,” Mr. Warwick advised Lilly before continuing. “Seriously though, I’m just concerned for your safety. I wish there was something more I could do. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m scheduled to be in court in the morning.”

“In my mind, one safe is none safe,” Mr. Hill began. “I will be ill at ease until assured of Pastor Manchu’s safety, but you have done enough to help us. I only ask one more favor.”

“What’s that?”

“For Bo’s contact information. Do you have it?”

Mr. Warwick looked skeptical. “Your partner in crime? Yes, I do have his cell number and new apartment address, although I doubt he will be ecstatic to see you since this is one of the rare nights he was able to leave his office on time.”

“We don’t need ecstatic. Functioning will suffice,” Mr. Hill said.

“He’s trying to deter us again,” Lilly told Mr. Hill. She rapped her knuckles on the dining table.

“Smart young lady,” Mr. Warwick muttered. Then he riddled off the numbers and letters which led Mr. Hill and Lilly to Bo’s skinny shoe closet size apartment under the blanket of night.


About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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