Bestie’s Birthday = Fairy Bread


The title says it all. Ten days ago, April 2nd, was my bestie Adria’s birthday!!! She turned 14, which is unfortunate because she’ll lord it over me until I do likewise in July. In case you don’t know, her full name is Cadrian Harriet Sinise (“Adria Haddy”), and she absolutely hates her middle name 😅 . We celebrated at the beach with her mom, dad, 4 brothers (Sig, Ruby, Lyle, & Kyle, in this order), a ton (not quite!) of our other friends, and her pet devil, I mean, “cat-dog”. Oh, and of course Marco made himself known at the party (upstaged the b-day girl, he did)! They performed the cha cha and samba dances masterfully 💃👑! Now, there’s something else like verrry central to an Adria birthday party and that’s…Fairy Bread! In case you don’t know this either, Adria’s Australian and Fairy Bread is an Aussie kids snack favorite. For all her now 14 birthdays, Adria has never had an actual cake, only fairy bread 🎂😋 ! It’s super simple & super yummy, and I think I consumed at least 18 slices. Here’s how to make:

1. Spread margarine or butter on sliced white bread.

2. Cover in “hundreds and thousands” (that’s Aussie slang for sprinkles)!

3. Cut slices into 4 triangles.

4. Eat your magic .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIA!!! 🌠 Oh, how we jammed all night to this song 🎉🎶🎉😌🌃.


– Lilly

P.S. You can have your fairy bread and cake too….Click here. Ooh la la!


About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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