The Ministry of a Movie

when Sidney Poitier won a Best Actor Oscar in 1963 for playing Homer Smith in 'Lilies of the Field'

when Sidney Poitier won a Best Actor Oscar in 1963 for playing Homer Smith in ‘Lilies of the Field’

Even though my family doesn’t watch a whole lot of movies, it seems our duty to watch the Oscars each year since we live in such close proximity to L.A.! And so we did last Sunday. We had a g.o.t. (grand ol’ time ☺️). I think my favorite parts were (1) the monologue, (2) seeing the animators win (because animators are just cool like that 😻), (3) seeing Eddie Redmayne win (because, and this is me being totally girlish 💕, he’s just so boyish and excited at 30 something! Dad says some people have lost their spark by then.), (4) seeing all the actresses in their pretty, pretty gowns (because fashion!), and (5) my Mamma screaming “Oprah!” every time the camera panned to her.

Anyway, I remembered this movie called Lilies of the Field Mamma, Dad, and I watched in November. It was really good and not just because it sorta’ bears my name in the title! Its closing scene is probably my most favorite movie scene. (I hope ‘most favorite’ is good English. If not, I hope my English teacher does not read my blog! 😨)  I think you should see Lilies or at least THE scene because the context of it is really beautiful. So, here it is:

And then he won an Oscar at a time when they announced winners with much less dramatics (lol!):

Fun fact: This is the only movie scene I’ve been able to get Marco to watch with the sound on since about 3 years now! He believes you develop your intelligence, focus, and mental ability by viewing movies on mute. This way, you get to decipher for yourself what’s happening onscreen without the aid of speech (including curse words) and often mind-numbing sound effects. Yeah, I don’t get it (or him…sometimes), but more power to you, bro…💭😹🙉


– Lilly


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I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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