A Maximus Post


Bonjour Amours,

(In case you’re wondering, I’m learning French now as it is considered a ‘romance’ language.)

Lilly is being superkind to rent me this space on her blog (currently, the fee is my monthly accompaniment with her to the trampoline park…. I get dizzy just thinking about it). I’m thinking her niceness in allowing me some personal blog space after having said no all these past seasons must be due to the New Year! Alas, everyone is nice at the start of a New Year. Or, at least should be. It’s like a global agreement. Now, it is beneath me to continue dissing my wonderful sister now. She may start censoring my posts!

Anyway, if you made it this far into the new year, I’m very proud of you. It’s so easy peasy to get killed out there on this big, beautiful, boisterous, and occasionally awful ball we call home. Until Lilly said I needed an introduction of sorts, my original intent was to just post the video below, and that would have been satisfaction enough. My best friend, Gregor Timmy Hostle, showed it to me. I thought I’d do everyone a favor and pass it on. Gentlemen, gentlewomen, gentle-beasts (and non), take a cue…

Livin’ to the max,




About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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