New Years Update!

How my bestie Adria looked celebrating New Years Eve vs my big family 😲🎊. Can you say beleaguered? 😜

How my bestie Adria looked celebrating New Years Eve vs my big family 😲🎊. Can you say beleaguered? 😜

Hey guys!

It’s Lilly.

Happy New Year! ✌️

It is with absolute delight and pleasure I pen my first post of 2015! Considering how infrequently I do post, which is, and I guesstimate, probably only about as many times as it rains in Cali during a 365 day time span. I want to thank you, dear readers, for taking time out of your splendid schedules to lay your eyes on my (written) adventures and literally like them! It means a lot to me 😌 . This year will see the continuance of A China Escape on tomorrow and the (hopeful) publication of a third book documenting another happening in my life. For now, it has the working title of “Middle school Mayhem”! My brother, Marco, has a little something in the works too, but per usual, he’ll unveil it himself 😏. Lastly, I made a list of new year resolutions I want to keep (oh, don’t we all!). They mostly go something like this: (1) Don’t burn popcorn, (2) Actually watch a movie at home in one sitting, (3) Stop crying when cupcakes drop 😩 , (4) Continue to cry when people and animals are being hurt 😭 , (5) When I lose something, stop accusing my family of taking the something before I find it (probably under my bed, 😳 Oops!), and (6) Successfully put Marco up for adoption! Naw, I kid. I kid! 😅 But, seriously, topping all my resolutions, is this one: To mature my vocabulary (which largely consists of ‘lol’, ‘awesome’, ‘no biggie’, etc.) by using new words I come across in daily conversation. So, the first new word I learned this year is cavalcade. I really like this new word! C-A-V-A-L-C-A-D-E. According to the dictionary, it means “a formal procession of people walking, on horseback, or riding in vehicles, or a series of events”. Here’s a sentence I used it in: In December, we shall look back on this year as a complex cavalcade, a series of events which happened for some higher purpose. My literature teacher, Mr. Leon, would be proud! 📚 I would say ‘lol’ here, but I won’t as to not break my no. 1 resolution (well, sort of).


P.S. Momma’s resolutions include (1) to make the perfect fruit and veggie shake, and (2) learn to strut like Naomi Campbell on the runway (😳). Model aspirations! Dad’s resolution is to make no resolutions this year…OK, then…😁


About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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