chapter nine: let them eat cake

The Adventures of Lilly
Book One – The Beauty Pageant


The rehearsal went well, and although it was 8:00 before everything was over with, there was another surprise for the girls. They had to go to the dining room. Each would be given a small personal sized two-layered cake. They would choose their own decorations. The girls had fun flipping through the cake magazines looking for a decoration that represented their unique personality.

Lilly chose one that had a little house made out of frosting with a tree beside it. “It reminds me of home,” she told her friends.

Gwynet chose a picture that showed a gypsy looking lady. “It reminds me of Spain.”

Cathy chose a picture with a piano and musical notes scattered around it. “I love to play the piano.”

Kwanza chose one with a flag, but asked to change the colors to red, green, gold and black, the colors of her country.

Dominique chose the picture of an athlete crossing the finishing line, as she said, “We’re all winners.”

Even Casey was allowed to choose a cake.

The cake would be waiting for them on Friday—something to share with their families.

That night, although late, Gwynet, Lilly, and Cathy had their regular time of devotions. They lay in bed talking well into the early morning. God was answering their prayers.

“Oh, Lilly, I forgot to tell you this,” said Gwynet with excitement. “I spoke with my Mom. She says my father called and he wants us back as a family. I am so happy.”

“Hurray!” said Lilly. “I knew God could do it.”

“Pray for my Mom still. She is still putting pressure on me to win the contest.”

“We will,” said Lilly. “Cathy, are you awake?” After getting no answer, Lilly suggested they go to sleep also knowing that tomorrow would be another exciting day.

Despite going to bed late, all three girls were up quite early. Breakfast was delicious. When they were exiting the dining room, Cathy noticed two large trucks pulling up to the building. “Paris Fashions” was printed on the sides of the trucks. Curious, she suggested they wait around to see what was being delivered. To their surprise, they saw four men rolling dresses and other clothing out the back of the trucks.

“The new clothes are here!” she said excitedly. “We’re going to have some clothes for the pageant.”

They could not wait to choose their clothing. The whole day would be spent choosing their gown, swimsuit, sportswear, and accessories. They had already decided on their hairstyles. They were welcome to use the music room to put in extra rehearsal for the talent competition.

Casey watched with some envy and regret as the girls picked out or put back a piece of clothing. She knew she owed Lilly an apology, but could not bring herself to do so—not yet any way. She, however, tried to show her sorrow by helping Lilly and the others to choose their clothing. She had always known there was something different about Lilly and she often wondered what it was that made her so different.


About lillyinca

I'm Lillian Charlotte Hill (Lilly for short). I'm 13 and I love God, adventure and having fun.
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